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Hunguest Hotel Helios – Hévíz

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show room details Anna double
max. 2 persons
Facilities: • air conditioner • balcony • bathroom with toilet • bathtube • minibar • phone • television
show room details Benjamin double
max. 2 persons
Facilities: • bathroom with toilet • minibar • phone • television
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Booking conditions:
• The hotel only accepts reservations sent with valid credit card details.
• The hotel requires your credit card details as a guarantee and does not charge it unless a late cancellation or a no-show occurs.
• Reservations can be cancelled free of charge up to 7 days prior to arrival until 18:00.
• In case of late cancellation or no-show the hotel charges the rate of one night as a penalty.
Security information:
Your personal details as well as your credit card data are received and passed to the selected hotel through a secure channel using SSL encryption protocol. Our hotel reservation system never charges your credit card. Payment is to be completed directly with the hotel.
Currency information:
This hotel has specified its room rates in Hungarian Forint (HUF) and will confirm your booking in this currency. If you select another currency the rates will be converted for your convenience. Please note that this conversion is approximate and may differ from what you will actually pay because of exchange rate fluctuations.
Taxes and fees:
• Rates exclude tourist tax (450 HUF per person per night).
• No tourist tax is to be paid for persons under 18.
Payment options:
• American Express
• MasterCard
• The hotel accepts Hungarian vacation cards.
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